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What Makes AggDirect Different?

AggDirect was designed to make your job easier. That means you can rest assured and direct your energy to growing your business. Rather than typing out all the detailed ways we can fit perfectly into your business model, let us show you. No matter what your aggregate needs are, we can work for you.

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What Happy Clients Say About Us


“Give you what you need, they have a good company. If I call and say I need 10 trucks I’ve got them. If I need 2-3 I’ll call and they’ll send them to me. They don’t mess around, they come and go like they should.”
Elwood of Goel
“Finally, there is an app that brings our industry out of the stone age by facilitating independent truckers to service quarries and sand pits. A to B has become a more efficient route. A great new tool in tying all branches our of industry together to enhance the value of our relationship with each other.”
Brian Anstiss,
Sales Manager


“I just enjoy using it. It helps my business out.” “It’s just a good tool to have for your business.”
Daymon Gibson,
CDG Trucking
“AggDirect has catapulted us into the future of trucking. Making it simple, productive and profitable for our business. Our drivers love it!!! They are no longer guessing who they're working for, what material they're carrying or where they're delivering to. In addition, they now have more detailed visibility and information on their earnings. At the end of the work week, we easily download our taskes to create an invoice at the click of a button. AggDirect has now given us the tools to build a better business.”
Randy Charlamagne,
Spartan Group

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