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AggDirect understands the challenges and goals of both construction contractors and independent trucking companies. Our app was built to maximize efficiency. Every customer can order, manage and confirm aggregate deliveries in real-time and every truck and driver in our network is equipped with our mobile app to provide customers with real-time shipment tracking, status updates, and digital proof of delivery.

AggDirect operates in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia to supply customers trusted local truckers and quality aggregate material on demand, with guaranteed availability.

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Our History

AggDirect evolved from The Bulldog Group; an organization specializing in construction related services, such as trucking, equipment rental and supplying a wide variety of aggregate materials, including: sands, gravel, bluestone, topsoil, and mulch, among others.

It was founded by Miguel Lambert, a proud Georgetown graduate with more than 15 years of experience in business finance, construction and management services. Customer service was the priority, and as a result of his ability to provide superior trucking services and on time delivery of quality aggregate material, the business has been awarded notable projects such as FedEx Field, I-270 Overpass, the Northeast Boundary Tunnel, the Purple Line, and many more.

As the business grew, Miguel saw opportunities for growth – not just for the business, but for the individual drivers, trucking partners, and the general contractors requesting his services. He found a way to maximize the utilization of vehicles on the road, improving the income and work experience of the drivers as well as results and cost-savings for the contractors. In 2016, the AggDirect App platform was born.

With AggDirect, truckers register their truck or fleet for utilization on the AggDirect app, while customers (e.g., contractors, developers, etc.) can log on to order aggregate material and trucks to haul materials or supplies to or from a job site. This system provides more efficiency to the truckers themselves who run their trucks empty as much as 40 percent of the time. For customers, such as contractors, AggDirect offers quality control, documentation, and flexibility to scale up or down trucks used on a daily basis.

About The AggDirect App

AggDirect is a logistics mobile app designed to provide aggregate materials, manage routes, and confirm deliveries in real time.

With an intuitive supporting webapp, we make logistics simple for Truckers and Customers. Whether you need 1 load or 1,000 on your next construction project, AggDirect offers a simple unified platform for all users.

Meet Our Experienced Members

Our passion is infectious. Our commitment is unwavering. We pride ourselves on being innovative problem solvers. We enjoy collaborating with one another in order to deliver the very best in client service.

Eric Baker

General Counsel

Lauren Butler

Customer Experience Manager

Karan Kadakia

Staff Engineer

Nilufer Lokman

Software Tester

Harout Tchekrekijan

Cloud Operations Lead

Wilfred Asuquo

Product Manager

Roosevelt Cox

Customer and Logistics Manager


What Happy Clients Say About Us


I’ve worked with AggDirect for over four years and across multiple projects. The direct communication with salesmen about upcoming jobs, material certifications, and AggDirect’s ability to deal with jobsite constraints and issues has been a huge benefit. The app is great for confirming orders, and the ability for all parties involved to be aware of timing, quantity, and tracking of the different materials. It’s a great tool.
Jim Gamelin
Director of Construction
[The AggDirect] website has been great for going back and having the most accurate reporting you can. We use it to review the loads being extracted and the timing of the work. For the accounting side, it’s really beneficial to see how our progress compares to the bidding. Communication has been great, and pricing/working out deals has been easy. AggDirect has been a beneficial partner.
Jake Horn
“Give you what you need, they have a good company. If I call and say I need 10 trucks I’ve got them. If I need 2-3 I’ll call and they’ll send them to me. They don’t mess around, they come and go like they should.”
The AggDirect team is great with communication. The trucks are clean, well kept, and dependable.
Joe D'Antonio
Project Engineer


Truck 6
I hope they never give it up! [With AggDirect], you don’t have to worry about anything. Everything gets updated right on your phone, and you know where you’re going and what you’re supposed to be doing every minute of the day. I love it.
Earl Wright
Pipstop Trucking
Truck 3
“AggDirect has catapulted us into the future of trucking. Making it simple, productive and profitable for our business. Our drivers love it!!! They are no longer guessing who they're working for, what material they're carrying or where they're delivering to. In addition, they now have more detailed visibility and information on their earnings. At the end of the work week, we easily download our tasks to create an invoice at the click of a button. AggDirect has now given us the tools to build a better business.”
Randy Charlemagne,
Spartan Group
Truck 2
"I like working on it... you go by the schedule, and changes come straight through the system. Everything is right on your phone— it makes everything nice and easy, simple."
Ratanaboth (aka Lu) Oeur
UNT Trucking LLC
Truck 4
"The AggDirect app has been really helpful for me because it provides all the information I need about the jobs I do. The app makes my job easier."
Edward Castro
Ceballos Trucking LLC
Large semi truck hauling freight on the open highway in the western USA under an evening sky.
“I just enjoy using it. It helps my business out. It’s just a good tool to have for your business success.”
Daymon Gibson
CDG Trucking
Truck 2
It has truly been a pleasure working with AggDirect over the past couple of years (and counting). Plenty of work year-round, and the dispatchers are knowledgeable, courteous and professional, which truly makes me feel privileged to be a part of the Aggdirect family!
Darryl Wood
MJM Trucking


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