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AggDirect makes trucking simple for drivers, owners, and management teams. Whether you have only one truck or are managing a fleet, AggDirect offers you the opportunity to grow your business with steady regular work and the tools to manage your fleet at no additional cost.


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AggDirect’s Benefits For Your Business:

Adding your trucks to our app helps you:

Take this opportunity to Bolster Your Business

Truckers that partner with us use our services to grow their business. Several of our partners have been able to add trucks to their fleet, hire more drivers, and grow their revenues. Let us alleviate the headaches of managing your fleet and seeking out jobs and tracking paperwork. Want to put us to the test? Join our study!

Signing Up is Easy

Register your account by providing following information:

1. Owner/Driver Details

(add as many as you like)

2. Valid Drivers License

3. Licenses, USDOT #, Signed W9

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4. Valid Medical Card

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5. Vehicle details

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After account confirmation, download the app and log in!

Lets Get Started

What Happens When I’ve Signed Up?

Be ready to receive alerts for available jobs.

Truck Owner reviews list of available routes to accept and assign to Drivers.

Driver accepts assigned route and starts his/her day.

When a driver accepts a job, AggDirect helps manage it right in the app, including job details, route optimization, job tickets, notifications and other tools.


How Can We Help You?

Does AggDirect own any truckers used for the truck hauling services?

No, AggDirect does not own any truckers and is a third party technology service provider.

Is AggDirect available in my city or state?

AggDirect is currently available in Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia. Sign up to find out when AggDirect will be available in your area.

Does AggDirect allow me to decline a job?

Yes, you can decline a job so long as it’s within the permitted period of time and you properly cancel the job in the app or notify our team.

Do I need my own insurance to work with AggDirect?

Yes, you will need to provide your own insurance and proof of insurance. Only valid insured trucks can be listed in AggDirect. During the registration process, you receive information about the required insurance.

Will AggDirect help me find trucking jobs?

Yes, one of the main purposes of AggDirect is to help truckers find more work. You are notified when a job is available for you.

Can I sign up for AggDirect if I am an independent trucker with only one truck?

Yes, AggDirect can work with one or multiple trucks.

What Happy Truckers Say About Us

Truck 6
I hope they never give it up! [With AggDirect], you don’t have to worry about anything. Everything gets updated right on your phone, and you know where you’re going and what you’re supposed to be doing every minute of the day. I love it.
Earl Wright
Pipstop Trucking
Truck 3
“AggDirect has catapulted us into the future of trucking. Making it simple, productive and profitable for our business. Our drivers love it!!! They are no longer guessing who they're working for, what material they're carrying or where they're delivering to. In addition, they now have more detailed visibility and information on their earnings. At the end of the work week, we easily download our tasks to create an invoice at the click of a button. AggDirect has now given us the tools to build a better business.”
Randy Charlemagne,
Spartan Group
Truck 2
"I like working on it... you go by the schedule, and changes come straight through the system. Everything is right on your phone— it makes everything nice and easy, simple."
Ratanaboth (aka Lu) Oeur
UNT Trucking LLC
Truck 4
"The AggDirect app has been really helpful for me because it provides all the information I need about the jobs I do. The app makes my job easier."
Edward Castro
Ceballos Trucking LLC
Large semi truck hauling freight on the open highway in the western USA under an evening sky.
“I just enjoy using it. It helps my business out. It’s just a good tool to have for your business success.”
Daymon Gibson
CDG Trucking
Truck 2
It has truly been a pleasure working with AggDirect over the past couple of years (and counting). Plenty of work year-round, and the dispatchers are knowledgeable, courteous and professional, which truly makes me feel privileged to be a part of the Aggdirect family!
Darryl Wood
MJM Trucking

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