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AggDirect is a logistics mobile app designed to provide aggregate materials, manage routes, and confirm deliveries in real time. We support customers of all types that need hauling services and/or aggregate materials for projects, including general contractors, real estate developers, quarries, real estate owners, and local, state and federal governments. Open an account with AggDirect to order trucks to deliver materials or remove materials from a jobsite directly from your mobile device.


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AggDirect’s Benefits For Your Business:

Adding your trucks to our app helps you:

Easy Ordering Easy Scheduling

Customers can place orders for available trucks and materials from local suppliers directly on AggDirect’s mobile app. Your orders are saved and accessible to you on-the-go or at your office right from the app. 

AggDirect connects certified truckers with customers searching for trucks to haul freight, such as aggregate materials. Scheduling is done through the mobile app and made simple for your convenience.

Signing Up is Easy

Register your account by providing following information:

1. Business Name &
Contact Information

2. Project Details

3. Scope of Services

After account confirmation, download the app and log in!

Lets Get Started

What Happens When I’ve Signed Up?

Place your Order for pick up or delivery of materials

Enter destination of your order

All signed receipts, dump tickets, and load tickets are uploaded for your review

We notify you when your order is received, assigned, and delivered

Monitor the trucks hauling your loads in the app in real time


How Can We Help You?

Does AggDirect provide paperwork (or permits in certain cases) for the materials that are ordered off of the mobile app?

AggDirect is not the manufacturer or original source of any materials order on the mobile app and only pass-along the information provided by the manufacturer or supplier, if any.

Does AggDirect provide any warranty on the materials sold on the mobile app?

No, AggDirect does not offer any implied or express warranties whatsoever on any materials and is not a manufacturer or original source of any materials. AggDirect is a third-party technology services provider.

Can I cancel an order of trucks or materials?

Yes, in general, you can cancel an order so long as it is within the permitted period of time and you properly cancel the job in the app or by notifying an authorized representative of our team.

Typically, how far in advance do I need to order trucks or materials?

Generally, 24 hours prior notice is sufficient, but please note that this may vary depending on the availability or demand of trucks and materials.

What sort of businesses are considered “customers” for AggDirect?

There are several different types of customers that AggDirect works with to provide hauling services and/or aggregate materials, including for example quarries, developers, general contractors, public-private partnerships, and government (city, county, state and federal), among others.


What Happy Clients Say About Us

About The App

I’ve worked with AggDirect for over four years and across multiple projects. The direct communication with salesmen about upcoming jobs, material certifications, and AggDirect’s ability to deal with jobsite constraints and issues has been a huge benefit. The app is great for confirming orders, and the ability for all parties involved to be aware of timing, quantity, and tracking of the different materials. It’s a great tool.
Jim Gamelin
Director of Construction
[The AggDirect] website has been great for going back and having the most accurate reporting you can. We use it to review the loads being extracted and the timing of the work. For the accounting side, it’s really beneficial to see how our progress compares to the bidding. Communication has been great, and pricing/working out deals has been easy. AggDirect has been a beneficial partner.
Jake Horn
“Give you what you need, they have a good company. If I call and say I need 10 trucks I’ve got them. If I need 2-3 I’ll call and they’ll send them to me. They don’t mess around, they come and go like they should.”