AggDirect Paperless Policy

AggDirect will no longer accept paper tickets at our offices starting August 1, 2021.

Letter from the CEO

AggDirect’s New Paperless Job Ticket Policy

July 1, 2021
To our AggDirect users:

As the economy and businesses move toward reopening and a sense of normalcy, AggDirect has taken heed of lessons learned during the pandemic over the past year and made the decision to switch to the paperless and contactless electronic submission of job tickets. Starting August 1st, 2021, AggDirect will only accept and process payment for job tickets submitted electronically through AggDirect’s Driver App or owner web portal.

This change marks an important, but necessary, milestone for our company and users of AggDirect. Going paperless offers several benefits to the various stakeholders involved in our supply chain of material delivery.

First, by establishing a digital pathway to submitting job tickets, AggDirect offers a more efficient and expedient route to completing tasks. Every month, trucking companies are responsible for managing hundreds (and in some cases even thousands) of job tickets. Owners and truckers no longer have to worry about the hassle, time, and costs associated with hand-delivering or mailing job tickets. Now you can save time to be used on other, more productive aspects of your job and business.

Second, AggDirect acts as a digital recordkeeping tool for your job tickets and other important information about your trucking business. You can run reports and view past jobs, including images of the job tickets. Electronically uploading and submitting tickets allows you to access trucking job data while out of your office at any time and anywhere directly from your mobile device.

Third, electronic ticket submission through AggDirect provides a more environmentally friendly solution to documents management by reducing the local trucking industry’s carbon footprint. The green benefits include lesser consumption of gas/diesel as well as wear and tear on your vehicle and roads incurred each week to drop off job tickets. Also, for those trucking companies who mailed tickets, you reduce the sheer amount of paper used in the process of shipping tickets (e.g., packaging, envelopes, stamps, tape, etc.). So, there is a net benefit to the environment by switching to an electronic, paperless process.

Lastly, the pandemic has taught us that businesses can quickly adjust to and embrace technology to help with operations. Many processes and procedures that previously required human contact evolved and can now be conducted in a contactless manner using wireless technology solutions (e.g., court hearings over Zoom, Dominos pizza deliveries by drones, car purchases via mobile app on Carvana, etc.). Employing contactless measures has helped the country combat COVID-19, while increasing convenience.

All in all, AggDirect’s mission is to make trucking simple. By changing our job ticket submission policy to an electronic and paperless process, we provide these several benefits to our users, customers, and the many other stakeholders involved in the transportation of materials.

Thank you for your participation and doing your part to help us transition to this new paperless process. For any additional questions, please contact or (240)-839-7018.


Miguel Lambert, CEO


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